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Photo of Sue on her bike

Adventure travel writer Sue Lebrecht is an intrepid reporter, sourcing great places to hike, bike, ski, blade, paddle, climb and witness nature’s spectacles. Writing professionally since 1986, and presently based in Southern Ontario, she’s had more than 1,000 original stories published in newspapers and magazines across North America, and is the author of 11 guidebooks. Her photographs are often published in conjunction with her stories.

Most recently, Lebrecht has added video production to her portfolio. Samples are available for viewing.

Among book works, Lebrecht established a blueprint for the Trans Canada Trail Guidebooks, and went on to research and write the books to Newfoundland, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Lebrecht moreover is an authority on the playground of Ontario, having written the weekly ‘Outdoors Ontario’, later renamed ‘Active Pursuits’, travel column for the Toronto Star Newspaper for nearly two decades. In the same province she authored guidebooks Mountain Bike Here and I Hate Winter. A regular contributor to Ski Canada, Ski Press, Ontario Travel Discoveries, Explore, and Mountain Life magazines, she has also produced newsletters and conducted a variety of editorial services.

She maintains a strong bent towards environmental conservation and wildlife protection. Her mission is to inspire people to get outdoors so they’ll appreciate nature and ideally rise to protect it. Her motto, ‘Tread lightly; leave good impressions’.