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Old Books

Adventuring Around Vancouver Island (Douglas & McIntyre), 1997

Presenting natural wonders and sporting activities on Vancouver Island, this book introduces readers to petroglyphs, rain forests and tide pools, to beachcombing, rock hounding and whale watching, to surfing, sailing, scuba diving. Co-authored with west coast-based, fellow adventurer and photographer Susan Noppe, it provides extensive guide notes with all-you-need-to-know-to-go info.

52 Weekend Activities Around Vancouver (Douglas & McIntyre), 1995

Lebrecht’s second book features a wide selection of sports and thrills within a few hours drive of Vancouver, including soaring in a glider plane, beachcombing, whitewater rafting, canoeing, sea kayaking, eagle watching, mushroom picking, rock climbing and panning for gold. Written with Vancouver-based writer Judi Lees, this book offers user-friendly guide notes with tips, safety precautions, hot spots, clubs, outfitters and contacts for more information.

52 Weekend Activities for the Toronto Adventurer (Whitecap Books), 1990

Lebrecht’s first book, published in 1990, is a guide to experiencing a host of offbeat activities in southern Ontario, everything from listening to wolves howl and visiting a nudist resort to ice climbing and parachuting. It’s out-of-date and out-of-print.

Toronto Parks (Klotzek Press), 1997

This book features 49 timeless, sepia-toned photographs by Andrzej Maciejewski. From Poland, Maciejewski was impressed by Toronto’s greenspace and intrigued by Metro Parks signs saying “Please Walk on the Grass”. Self-published by Maciejewski, the book includes artistic park maps by his wife Teresa, and text by Lebrecht.