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The Downhill Dilemma

I couldn't see any reason why I wouldn't like downhill biking. First off, I love mountain biking; riding singletrack through forest, thinking fast and staying focused. Secondly, I'm a big fan of downhill skiing for its speed and edginess. The synergy of the two sports seemed like a feisty hybrid worth checking out. I subscribe to exhilaration; it's a beautiful thing. Besides, when your boyfriend is crazy about the sport, it makes perfect sense to embrace it...more

Kalalau Trail, Hawaii

So we're sitting in the tropical forest in the night, buck naked under a canopy with rain streaming heavily on all sides and we hear this anxious holler of "Hello". We're upstream a half-hour hike from the ocean, three hours from the trailhead parking lot, and here in the pitch black is some guy on a trail slippery enough to create a new sport...more

Mt Washington, New Hampshire

The taller the peak, the more seductive the mountain. So it goes, and in the northeast quadrant of the United States, Mt. Washington is the magnet... more

The Spirit of Jamaica

To come and go, without ever seeing the real Jamaica, is easy. Simply retreat to your all-inclusive resort and stay put.

You'll have a private white sand beach that's cleared of seaweed and raked smooth each morning. You'll have a big, beach towel, options to snorkel, parasail, windsurf, waterski, kayak and sail. You can join a beach volleyball game, participate in a crazy T-shirt contest or take scuba lessons. Depending on your resort, there may also be tennis courts, fitness classes, gardens for strolling, pool tables, and spas offering massage and aroma therapy... more

Hiking in the Himalayas

I remember sitting on the hotel rooftop wishing I had a tape recorder. Imagine listening to the sounds too many people can make in a saturated valley of small single shops. Combine that with the noise of rush hour traffic and long distance dog communications. Remove all harsh, impatient, angry and upset tones and you have Kathmandu... more